About SpoilConcept Communication

We founded this agency on one belief: we can deliver infinitely more than great communication. We want to spoil you and then your clients.
Because we all deserve to have our minds blown by a wonderful surprise, right?

So. We spent many years developing and fine-tuning a hybrid platform that operates at the intersection where traditional PR + Event + Conceptualisation meet. And called it SpoilConcept. The SpoilConcept way requires courage, relentless hard work and tangible results — and has afforded us the trust and loyalty of over 250 loyal clients since our inception in 2005.

We are:

We say what we think. We do what we say. We do it now.

We listen to our clients and their clients, only then can we stay both surprising and relevant.

Hard working
No detail is too small or too insignificant.

How we work:

We don’t want to be the biggest agency. But we are big on culture that embraces innovation, courage and hard work.

We hire people with bold ideas and who love to execute them with perfection. A brand experience will only be shared if its experienced as both extraordinary and relevant — never just one of the two.

Our aim is cost-effective branding that starts with asking our clients questions — the right questions. Which is why we begin with the SpoilConcept BrandJourney, our unique and quantifiable method of ensuring your investment delivers results — right down to the bottom line.

Let´s go that extra mile — together.