Our services

PR & Communications

We build brand equity through the creation of shared branding experience across several relevant channels and over longer periods of time.

Our tools include strategic planning, content strategy, branding activities and experienced press cooperation on and offline.

SC Intelligence enables our teams to execute and plan PR Campaigns with deep impact and unprecedented results. This holistic approach and application has earned us the loyal trust and respect of major brands for over 10 years.

We believe that a shared brand experience is only truly shared when carried out with courage, passion and reasonable caution in a close collaboration.

Events & Meetings

We are the directors and producers of high-quality events that stays in people’s minds long after the lights are switched out.

Whether it be a private dinner, corporate function, store opening, fashion show, cultural activity or major public event.

Our tools include four central elements — story, brand, guest and production — all considered and executed with tremendous attention to detail.

Our in-depth experience, combined with details in our SC Intelligence for Events database, is designed to impress the ordinarily unimpressed.

It´s all about ensuring the right balance between the right guests in the right context, and it´s disastrously easy to spot when the balance isn´t there. We know that it takes hard work to define what and who works best with whom — and why.

Branding & Development

We apply our experiences from several product launches combined with relevant information contained in our SC Intelligence for Branding database.

No, we are not a design agency. We are a PR agency with a deep and broad understanding of branding in terms of brand opportunities, channels and target groups in the Nordics. Teamed with our exclusive contact network, we can engage the most relevant brand ambassadors through a very effective launch.

This is why we are commissioned to conduct test campaigns/new product launches for major brands looking to capitalise on imminent/future trends in our home market.

We believe that successful brand development is a marriage between what’s proven to work in the Nordics — and the brand’s own ability to swiftly adjust.